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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Funny Questions To Ask A Girl To Make Her Laugh.


funny questions to ask your boyfriend when your bored

Cute romantic questions to ask your boyfriend when you're bored


You're either married or have met the man of your choice a few times and gone on a date. That's great! But to be completely honest, I bet you are looking for some questions now to get a deeper idea about it so that you can get to know each other better and become more intimately acquainted with it. 

If you want 60+ tips published in this post on my blog, you can use them.


Luckily for you, you have found this right place and this beautiful blog in a timely manner, you will find 60 questions from the following posts which are easily sorted into different categories such as:


# 1 What kind of imaginary world do you want to live in?


# 2 What is the happiest and most beautiful memory of your childhood?


# 3 What do you think could be a perfect day?


# 4 Do you like to take a bath and sing?


# 5 What's your favorite thing about dating?


# 8 What kind of friend would you like to have as a friend?


# If you were stranded on an abandoned island, what three things would you like to take with you?


# What about your public kissing?


# 9 What was your first impression of my subject?


# 10 Do you sneeze or do you know about dragging a wrap around you in your sleep?


funny questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh


# 1 What did you want to be in your career when you were in kindergarten?


# 2 If you had to eat only one type of food all your life, would you eat it?


# 3 Is There Anything For 10 Million Dollars That You'll Never Do?


# 4 Who is your favorite superhero?


# 5 Can you tell which horror movie you were most scared of as a child?


#  Which was the scariest of all your toys when you were little?


#  Has anyone ever mistakenly seen you naked?


#  Would your parents punish you strangely, if you did?


# 9 Do you think you should seek treatment for a mental illness from a psychologist?


# 10 Do you want to give me a nickname to match my personality?


funny questions to ask your boyfriend when your bored


Trap questions to ask your boyfriend

Girls occasionally ask boys questions with innocent faces that boys are forced to fall into. Answering a woman's question is like hitting her own foot with an ax. In fact

, girls deliberately ask boys such questions. Although not everyone's question is the same, but in turn, whatever is Bahanna is fifty-three cases To be aware, you should also know the 'question-trap' of women.


   1. Even though your partner knows you like her, she will ask you softly, "Do you like me?"


   2. As soon as you hear that you like him, new questions will start popping up in his head. The next question is 'Why do you like me?' The answer to this question also hides danger. If he says ‘you are beautiful’, he will say with a peg, ‘just look at the appearance?’ And if he says he is very good, he will get angry and say, ‘why am I not beautiful? There is no way, the danger is in whatever you say



    3. Another extremely dangerous question for women is, ‘Are you thinking of something?’ You may be thinking of saying something or making a decision, but the answer to this question is also dangerous. If your answer is yes, the answer will be ‘What are you worried about?’ And if not, he will say, ‘You have nothing to worry about’.





    4. He may ask you, ‘How do you like my girlfriends?’ Your partner will be very careful about answering this question. Because even if your answer is yes, he will say, ‘Oh, don’t you remember me now?’ And if he doesn’t, he will say, ‘Why did my friends do such a thing?’.



    5. Girls are always aware of their figure So one of their questions is very common to people with the mind, ‘Do I feel fat?’. Avoid these kinds of questions. Because if the answer is yes, you have to listen to a bunch of words, even if you laugh again, he will say with a sullen face, 'Now you don't see me'



   6 . If at any time your lover suddenly asks, ‘Do you love me more than before or do you love me more now’? And if you go to answer this question, rest assured that the day can be called a tsunami with over fifteen relationships.



   7 . Remember everything from the first day of love or don't let a moment come when your partner asks you, "Are you forgetting something?".


   8 . All women are very conscious about their figure as well as their makeup. So from time to time he may ask you, 'Do I feel a little different today?'

 Don't go looking for the answer to the question. Instead, laugh and say, 'You're always great to me.' Because if you don't answer this question correctly, the crisis in your life may get worse and if you can't answer it, he will say, "Have you ever looked at me well till today?"



    9. ‘Do you never remember what I said?’ This question is enough to trap you. Because if he says you remember, he will insist on listening to what you remember. And if I don't think so, then the third world war will start.

funny questions to ask your boyfriend when your bored


Trick questions ask your boyfriend

Girls sometimes ask some very serious questions in an innocent voice, the answers to which are the same for boys who hit the ax on their own feet. Because these questions are deliberately used by girls to trap boys. Although not everyone is the same and not everyone asks questions.

 Even then, by turning to the following 9 questions, more or less all the girls do the man they love and truly trap them. Because answering the question or not giving danger is also a danger.


1) Do you like me?


Even though he knows you like him, still ask questions in an innocent voice. Now if you say yes then new questions will start. Otherwise, the communication is closed.


2) Why do you like me?


The new question you have to face after knowing whether you like it or not is why you like it. If you say something beautiful, the girl will say, ‘Just look at the beauty of the outside’, and if you say you are very good, you will say with a swell cheek, ‘Am I not beautiful? So whatever you say, the danger is yours.


3) Have you thought of anything?


If you are still talking or making a decision about something or if you are thinking about something, the answer to this question will bring you danger. Do you know why? If you say yes, then you have to listen to ‘what is there to worry about’. And if you say no, then you will hear, 'Don't worry about me.'


4) Do you like my girlfriends?


A very scary question. If you say yes, then swell your cheeks and say ‘Oh! So, I don't like it now. ' And if not, be prepared for a fight, because then he will say, ‘Are my girlfriends bad?’.


5) Do I look fat?


Avoid answering this question as much as possible. If you don't say it again, you have to listen to a lot of things because he seems fat to him. It's dangerous to laugh again, because he'll say, 'You don't see me.'


6) Do you love me more than before or do you live now?


A deadly question. Be very intelligent and if you can, turn around a bit and ask the opposite question. Otherwise the answer to this question will play twelve in the current state of your relationship.


7) Are you forgetting something?


Another awful question. It's time to dump her and move on. Because if you really forgot something, there is no protection.


8) Do I look a little different?


Do not try to answer the question. Laugh and say ‘You are always different to me’. Because if the answer is wrong then there is sorrow in the forehead, and if you can't answer then listen ‘Have you ever looked at me well till today?’.


9) Do you not remember what I said?


If you remember what you said, sit down and listen to what you remember. And if you do not remember the war began. So fell into the trap.



funny questions to ask your boyfriend when your bored

Cute flirty questions to ask your boyfriend


Well, you can choose a good flirt question to ask someone you like. They're hot enough to think of him, but not so dirty that he might come out. We know there are some people out there who are definitely involved in this, but you’re looking for advice on how to get the conversation heated, you’re probably both embarrassed, aren’t you? We are not judging - everyone is moving at their own pace!


Your goal here is to get to know your crush better, so you can a) decide if he’s right for your time and b) just how awesome he is. You can't get to know someone without asking questions, can you?


Are you planning to look for a handsome guy you really like? You'll be the queen of all cocks with a few fun daring questions to ask a guy. Read on for some inspiration to fine-tune your flirting strategies, perfect for quick copy-paste to your favorite chat or messaging service! But remember: always be you. Feel free to create your own and get that open "Hey Boy" voice for you right away!




funny questions to ask your boyfriend when your bored


Fun questions to ask your boyfriend when your bored while texting


Every relationship should have fun or entertainment. Girls like fun very much. They always want entertainment.

When your relationships are hard work, they should also be fun. Have a laugh together with these funny subjects to ask your girlfriend.

Everyone likes to have fun. Women more  like it when the man has a sense of humor because it lifts up their mood and keeps them cheerful. 

So, if you think you’re funny then this can be a good chance to get any girl's attraction. I want to say you fall in love. Or do relation. Because girls also like this.

I wanna share some funny questions which can entertain your partner.


Best impressive Love messages for her/Girlfriend

1.                  What is the funniest thing you want to do?

2.                 When was the last time you wrote a love letter or postcard?

3.                 Do you like your family?

4.                 Do you like your name?

5.                 What are your funniest actors?

6.                 What is your funniest movies

7.                  What is the funniest joke you listen to?

8.                 What is the funniest name you have heard?

9.                  What sport would be the funniest to?

10.             Imagine If you were a man for a day, what would you do?

11.               Do you play pubg games?

12.              How is your level in the pubg game?

13.              Are you a Boot player in pubg game?

14.             Are you a bathroom singer?




These funny questions I have given here are very useful for strengthening your bond of love. 

You can find out the truth of your love by asking your partner questions. Finally, it is clear that the more good questions you ask your partner/boyfriend, the better you will get to know him.

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