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Friday, December 18, 2020

Does my ex still love me?


Dose Your Ex Love Me?


1. Does your ex-love you?


Love is the sweetest relationship in the world, where there will be no desire, no interest, there will be only love. 


Love comes in everyone's life, but you think to yourself that those who play with love get love, and those who love from the heart do not get love. We make mistakes in recognizing people.

Here I am sharing some amazing signs to understand your ex-love or not.


 And if we talk about people in love, then many people have this problem. Then we don't understand what we need to do. So how do you know if the person you love really loves you?


 Below are some of the things that are discussed, that if you take a good look at the shots, you will understand whether the person you love really loves you.



1) Just saying I love you is not enough. You first notice that - if you ask him a question, how does he answer it. Not answering in a straightforward way, pausing in the middle of a word or answering in anger or turning the word. 


He is not talking to you the way he used to talk to you, he is talking to you in a different way. 


A  lot of moments it happens that if you ask another kind of question, he can't answer any of them? You can tell if he really loves you by looking at the way he answers your questions.


A lot of moments it happens that if you ask another kind of question, he can't answer any of them?

2) If someone really loves you, then he must meet your family members, take their news. 


If there is a problem in your family, he will try to solve it by thinking of his problem. At this time, if you call him in any need, he will be with you in the difficult time as you will get close. 


Your family and his family will feel equal. He who loves you will also respect your family and others. Your father, mother, brother, sister will consider you as their own.


3) Then you will see what he uses when he is among many people and what he uses when you are only two. If he is among many, is his eye on you? Noticing if you are having any problems. 


Whether  you  are coming  forward to help if you have any problems. When you are just two, you will see if you have the same feelings as before, 

whether you are talking like before, whether you are still using as before, etc. If the two of you  have  touched   him. 


Not  being  too close to you, not being too far away. He really loves you if you hold his hand or shoulder. 

If you see that everything is the same as before, that's fine, and if you see that something has changed, then there is a problem.


4) All people want to have someone by their side in their bad times. If, now your time is bad whether he is helping you. 


Whether your body is sick or you need some money for your work, whether it is serving you when you are sick or helping you with money. 


If you see that he is not helping you even though he knows your illness or needs money, he means he does not really love you. 


Then see if you have found him in what condition you are now. If he really loves you, his mind will be happy to see you and he will have a different feeling in his mind.


5) Everybody has something to ask for. If he really needs something from the car, then asking is not a problem. But if you see that you can't afford to give, but you want those things, that's not a good thing.


 Understand that he doesn't really love you when he wants something out of bounds.

7) Plan your future with you - He who will be with you all his life will plan his future with you. He who truly loves you decides in advance what he will do for you and his future. 


His future is involved with you. Now if it's time to build your career he will help you and build your own career. 


If someone talks to you about the future, understand that he is weak towards you, loves you, and wants to spend life with you.


6) He who loves you will help you to succeed in your various dreams. If the person you love is happy with your success, then you know that he really loves you.


 She will come forward to help you with your success and she will be proud of it. And if he has no interest in your success, then it is not true love.

7) Who do you love to listen to you? Does it go as you say, or does he do as he pleases? That if he truly loves you, he will listen to you and give importance to your words.


 If you upset, they will try to make you feel refresh by laughing. Even if you don't ask him for help, he will come to your aid. Many things are expressed in the language of the human body. 


If you look at his body language, you can easily tell if he really loves you. What qualities do girls like in boys?



Dose Your Ex Love Me?

2. Does he still love me test

Does he really loves me? Or is it completely fabricated?

These questions always create confusion in the minds of women. The biggest question in a woman's mind is about the man she loves.

some lovers want to know what signs your ex will eventually come back. that's really complicated.


Sometimes the right person has pushed away because the answers are not known, and sometimes life is ruined at the moment by falling in love with the wrong person.


The question is, how do you understand? How do you know if the man of your choice really loves you?


There is a way to guess, a lot can be understood from the relationship if you notice a little.


She loves me, but why not give me time? Why does he avoid my family? Why don't you pay attention to my words? - There are answers to many questions in today's feature.


When it comes to falling in love, all men are more or less exposed to these behaviors.


* He will listen to his partner and listen with his mind. All the small and big words of the partner will be important to him, just as his words are important to the partner.


When men deeply love their wife or lover, they make everything in that woman's life their own.


* Men do not like to admit mistakes at all. But they do not have this discomfort in front of the woman of love.


If they make a mistake, they admit it and try to correct it. In a real sense, he does not try to deceive his wife or lover.


* Men are eager to solve any problem in the life of a woman in love, no matter how small the problem.


On the other hand, without love, the opposite happens.


* They become interested in socializing with the family or friends of the woman they love. He has no objection to giving time to his partner's family.


Boyfriend or the husband avoids your family? This symptom should be seriously considered.


* He values his partner's choice of clothes or personality.


* Who says men are not interested in shopping or doing simple chores? Of course, if you have a deep love for your partner.


Then they also enjoy things like simple chores or shopping with their partner.


* He tries his best to reduce the pain of his partner and keep him happy. They are available for cooking, housework, etc., in spite of hundreds of engagements.


* He became interested in going out with his partner. Different important dates or occasions, nothing men forget if there is a deep love for a partner.


In the midst of hundreds of engagements, it is not wrong for them to communicate with their partners. They plan to travel on their own, plan to spend time together.


* He thinks the girl he loves is beautiful. Either way, any outfit is beautiful. However, beauty is very important in the eyes of men.


* There must be compromise and sacrifice about true love. When a man truly falls in love with a woman, he is also ready to accept any kind of sacrifice.


* They do not want to suppress the partner. Rather feel proud of any achievement of the partner, inspiring to move forward further.


Even if the partner is more qualified than him or earns more.


* They always try to gain and retain love. They also worry about the little girl they love.


* They do not hesitate to express their weakness, hardship, error, deviation in front of the girl of love.


They do not hesitate to express how much they love you.


Love is white, love is beautiful. When two people love each other equally, a sweet poem of love is created.



Dose Your Ex Love Me

3. Does he still love me tarot


Tarot card is a magical card .Some people trust this card and they trust tarot card can define their Luck /future. Here I share how to check how much love your partner or not.


  • He still love me tarot


Dose Your Ex Love Me

4.Does he still love me even if he is with someone else


Dose Your Ex Love Me

5.Does he still love me after break up/Quiz And get back


Anger, misunderstandings, values , and pride always break the love relationship. But what happened when it broke? Is it so easy to forget the days of love? 


You may want to reconnect, love again. But now the distance between the two is so great that it is not possible to want. Honestly, maybe! Just need a little effort.


This article is about the 5 steps you need to take if you want to get back to your former mind.




Your relationship is so broken! Life goes on without a man, today is the time to spend without him.  Looks like a lot has been lost, this breakup shouldn't have come about at all.


The only way to get rid of this emptiness is to get that person back. That means reconnecting the broken relationship. But how? Many accept such a situation and become helpless. 



Many times after making a decision to break up a relationship out of anger or without thinking, that decision often feels wrong. And then the mind becomes restless to get the ex-boyfriend / girlfriend back.


 Let's find out 5 ways to get your ex-boyfriend / girlfriend back in such a situation.

Mental preparation


Mental preparation is first required to get the old boyfriend / girlfriend back. Think carefully about why your relationship broke up, what the problem was, whether you really want to get back to the old relationship. 


Then prepare yourself mentally. Because even if you want to, your ex-boyfriend / girlfriend may not want to get this relationship back. 

So it is better to try to get back to the old relationship with mental preparation first.



Try to communicate

The mental preparation is over. Now it's time to contact the ex-boyfriend / girlfriend. It is a very difficult job. Because your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend may be reluctant to contact you.



If you don't pick up your phone, keep texting on your mobile or Facebook without bothering with the phone again and again. 

Let him know you want to talk to him about something important or befriend him.



Become the previous man


If you can communicate with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, talk to him/her as the previous person. When it comes to the complexities between you, avoid the whole thing. 



Ask your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend to send a normal message, avoiding complications. In this way, gradually become the previous person who fell in love with the person in your mind.


But don't forget to talk about love. Then the result may be the opposite.



Dose Your Ex Love Me?

6. When boys love from the heart

Concentration is the name given to the coexistence of mind and brain. If you love, you will have a good time and you will go through thousands of bad times.

 At that time the concentration of getting him will work among you. So that you will learn how to deal with anger, how to control the bad mood, how to be like the mind of the person you love.


Just as iron burns gold, so man burns pure. The mind of others is burnt to give the test of love. Something asked from the mind can be found in the end even after going through a thousand difficult times.

 Love from the heart chooses its destination and path. That is, a lover does not love a lover more.


In the case of love, it is said that girls become weak a little and boys have to wait for a while. After that, you can't stop yourself even with a thousand attempts.

 And when love comes from the mind, no power of the world can stop it. The same goes for boys. When this flower called love blossoms between them from the heart, no one can separate his beloved from him.


Respect the people you love:

When a man falls in love, he does a lot of things in between. Starting from various curiosities about the girl. However, there is a clear idea about whether the boy loves the girl or not. 

Only if the boy gives the girl enough respect and status as his better half while he is in a relationship can it be understood that the boy loves the girl from the heart!


Maintaining a relationship:

Sustaining a relationship at the present time is harder than breaking up a relationship. 

You can move away from her in the blink of an eye, but can you hold hands in love forever! Many boys talk big at the beginning of a relationship. 

There are many promises to maintain the relationship. But only a handful of men defended it. 

The boy who has a strong desire and strength to maintain the relationship truly loves the boy and girl from the bottom of his heart.




Keeping mentally healthy:

In most cases, one side or the other is emotionally stressed. Loss of this stress, forgetting him or many other problems.

 When you put stress on your girlfriend in many ways, she can't talk to you well and become like you. And the result is that the relationship ends. 

But the man who truly loves his girlfriend will always keep her mentally alive and reassure her that he is always by her side.



No matter how small or big the decision in love, the girl wants her boyfriend to be like her.

 Let him help through his opinion. In a relationship, when the boy comes from the heart or love grows from the heart, he does not ask his girlfriend for help in this small matter.


Dose Your Ex Love Me

7.Does he still love me long distance relationship


There was a time when it was said that love comes only once in a lifetime. For the time being, perhaps this word is no longer applicable!


 So to say that love will come more than once in everyone's life, is not! Some people's first love results and some do not. Relationships can be broken for many reasons. 


Not getting along with each other, family relationships etc. But once the relationship is broken, does human life stop? No, people love again. This love can also lead to consequences. 


Be it your first love or your second love, many times the thought may come to your mind that this is true love?


 Is this man-made for me? Does she really love me If you take a good look at some of the things in a love relationship, you will know whether your relationship is real or not, whether your boyfriend or girlfriend really loves you! Find out the issues.



The desire to spend the rest of your life together:


Notice how strong your desire to spend your whole life with each other. Do you trust your boyfriend or girlfriend so much that you can close your eyes and spend the rest of your life with him or her? 


If the answer is yes, then understand the depth of your relationship and this is real love.

 Your interdependence also proves the truth of love. Try to understand the desire of the person you love to get you. I hope you can understand the truth of his love.


Trying to get along with family and friends:

The one who loves you wants to get married, he must try to build a good relationship with his family and friends. 

See if he introduces you to his friends and family. If he has plans for the future, he must try to make you feel good about himself.


Don't rush into sex:


Physical relationship in true love is a secondary factor. Emotions can lead to physical contact. 


But those who truly love you should not be in a hurry about it! Because if he loves you, if he wants to get married, 

he will get you one day or another - that is the word in his head. Try to find out what your boyfriend or girlfriend thinks about the physical relationship.


Don't hide anything:

The one who truly loves you will not want to hide anything from you. Talk about everything from personal issues to family problems. 


Even talk about his former relationships. If you notice a tendency to hide in him, be careful.



Completely forgetting past relationships:

Only when a person is skeptical of his relationship does he compare the present with the past - this is human nature!



 But when one man loves another man, this tendency will diminish in him. See if the person you love repeatedly raises the issue of the old relationship. 

The truth of his love will be proved only when he completely forgets his old relationships.


Future plans:

The one who loves you and wants to marry you will plan various kinds of future with you. Economic planning is one of them.


 Such as how the family will be, how you will stay at home, what to do in life, etc. 

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend have future financial plans with you? If the answer is yes, then the truth of his love is found.



Being jealous:

If there is love, there will be jealousy! That's normal. Unusual is when the person you love will not be jealous even if they see you being close to someone else.



 If there is intense jealousy in your boyfriend or girlfriend, then assume that he really loves you. And if he does not have this feeling, then there is reason to worry!


Dose Your Ex Love Me?

8. Does my husband still love me?


If you stop communicating with your husband and are very surprised that he still loves me, these 15 signs will tell you which way to go now. 


I doubt that what I am telling you now is something you have never heard before. Marriage is a difficult thing to do, but is it ever so difficult and cruel that you never imagined it? 



Sometimes you may feel that your husband has nothing to do with you. If you ask yourself if your husband really still loves you,


 it is a very difficult question that you will find very difficult to survive until you know the answer.

There is a saying that love lasts forever. We know this but experience is something else.

 If your husband is treating you like a completely different, unfamiliar person then you must be wondering if he is mine or not mine.


Does my husband love me or not? This truth will be revealed in 10 answers.

Boys become reckless especially when something makes them uncomfortable. It's not uncommon to stop talking to people you love the most. 


If you are wondering if your husband really loves you and he says he loves you but you are not feeling love and do not want to hear this. Notice some signs to see if she still loves.

1. Does he still do a lot of small things without asking you that make your life easier.


A man likes to work only when he has love for his home. She sweeps the house or cleans the dirt from the house just for you. 


Most of the boys don't usually keep an eye on the cleanliness of the house but if you see him keeping an eye on the cleanliness of the house,


 throwing out the dirt from the house and even putting his clothes in the laundry it is not that he is doing these things to make you notice. 


The thing is that he loves you more than anything else, he is not doing this to show you, but he is doing these small things for the one who loves you so much that your suffering is less. Evaluate these issues according to merit.


2. If you run into a problem and need your help, she can do anything to help you.


When a man loves a woman, no matter how hard the man may be, he can do risky work to rescue the girl if she needs help.


If your husband does a lot of risky things for you, such as not running out of water in the basin, leaving the dish line, 


Breaking the lamp, he wants to fix it himself as soon as possible so that you don't get in trouble, he means he cares for you and always protects you. Wants means he loves you so much.


3. She always talks well about you with her acquaintances. If you are very angry and do not listen to her or you are not what she thinks you are then she scolds you or says that she does not love you.


When a boy loves a girl and the girl does something that makes the boy worry? 


He can't express his dissatisfaction or get angry at the girl for not being able to control himself but his acquaintances say good things about you and your relationship that means your relationship is very golden and wonderful.


Sure guys talk about their wives especially when they are together but if he says more good things than bad things about his wife it means he always has a much better idea about himself.


4. She still wants to have a relationship with you. Guys want to communicate with the girl they love in different ways.


Some boys want to communicate with you through words and some boys through feelings but if he still tries his hardest to communicate with you even if he gets some medium of light age then he wants to build a relationship again. 

All this means that he still loves you very much.


5. You are still having sex. You're still having sex without worrying about what's in bed or marriage.


 That doesn't mean you can't believe he loves you. It is well known that all boys are interested in sex,

 when you ask her to marry she will tell you that she has got everything she does not need to marry it means she does not love you and she is a cheater. 


The boy who enjoys masturbating more than having sex with his wife doesn't really love his wife; 


He’s actually having fake sex. If you two have a lot of fun having sex then this will be the best answer to whether your husband loves you or not.


He asks how you are. I just want to say that you can do it if you make me green. All men are like me.


If the person you love asks you that. How are you How was your day Or if you ask something about your life, it is just an attempt.

Not only are guys not about anyone but themselves, they certainly aren’t about the complaint train. If he asks, then he genuinely cares. If you say things suck he wants to hear it.


No guy who isn’t in love puts themselves in that position. I promise you that! She says she's sorry. One of the hardest things to say sorry. 


Hare, I share some of the basic signs .but I have a lot of advanced signs to realize your old these basic signs to say Your Ex Love me or not in your love world.

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