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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

45 Best Deep Love Massage For Him


1. MostTouching Deep love messages to make him cry

Deep Love Massage For Him

Here I share Some different type of deep love messages:

1) Respect you enough and take care of you. Before you say anything she understands a lot. She gets angry and quarrels for small reasons. She looks at your virtues, good, bad, and says good and bad and bad. Without fear because she truly loves you and she makes you happy wants to see 6.

2) true love is not to hurt, but true love hurts and some people act with love because the heart of true love is broken!


3) If someone's pain makes you very muddy - then I am by your side all the time in a touch of Zeno love. If you ever feel very lonely like that blue Jochana, then you will see that I am standing in your way with love.

4) Life has given me a lot, sometimes someone has kept me in love, sometimes that love has exhausted me, someone has used it for his needs.  I put a smile on someone's face. Debt settlement is no longer possible. !! I don't want a night, that will be lost in the morning. !! I don't want fruit that will fall in the air.

5) At the beginning of each day I think of you and illuminate the day, every afternoon I decorate you like the mind in the twilight sky, every evening I keep you by my side like a dry star, every night I think of you and make my dreams colorful, this is how my day is completed. You are at the beginning and you are at the end. So I am always good.

Deep Love Massage For Him

6) I regret some incidents today. (. Maybe it will be hard to overcome these. Maybe some things I can't get rid of it. Still, I have to go ahead, cross the border ..... I get the sky ....... I have to be a bird of prey.I have to keep on wishing but not luxury.

7) I won't hold it anymore, I won't tell you - I'm in trouble, you Hina - I won't tell you - I'll spend my nights without you - I won't tell you - I won't tell you the truth ---. You, Heena, are in new happiness, I will not float myself anymore --- 

Go, I left you to be happy, in new love ----no one ever breaks. there is a page where there is only one queen/king.  I did not get to see happiness in this life, I am walking alone in the middle of a calm river.

8) The car of life stopped at the station named Dukh, where I still can't find the house of happiness.

9) Some people just selflessly fall in love. It benefits people. They expect nothing. And let no one forget them. But there is a time when no one is by his side. He suffers a lot. But then he falls in love unselfishly. Maybe this is life or this is the law of the world.

2. Passionate &Romantic love messages for him

Deep Love Massage For Him


1.I think it is much bigger to understand the man of love than to always say love with love.

2..Anyone can go to love. Love is a feeling that is very sacred. Love should not be for selfish gain. Love is the sweetest relationship in the world where there will be no wants, no interests, there will be only love


3.Love survives or survives in mutual trust. In love where there is a lack of faith, there may not be love, there may be protection of sociality.

4.Love means understanding each other. This love doesn't seem to have any meaning if I don't understand the person I love.


5.True love frees people, not binds them. The man you love will most likely return to you if you let him go. If you try to hold the person you love with an iron chain, the bird will try to break the cage and fly away.


6.Love has nothing to do with expectation. True love only wants to make the man in love happy, not expecting anything in return. The pressure of expectation slowly kills love. The man you love is not the machine to meet your expectations.


7.Love is a thing to give, not a thing to take. If you find happiness in receiving love more than giving love, then you have not yet gone deeper into love. Happiness found in deep love can be compared to almost any other happiness!


8.It is not possible to make others happy by being unhappy oneself. Don't fall in love with someone thinking that someone will bring happiness in your life. Instead, make love thinking that you will bring happiness in someone's life.

9.Love does not mean winning someone but losing oneself for someone. It is not with the depth of knowledge, but with the purity of the heart !!! The most pronounced and discussed word in the world is "love". This love sometimes cries, 

sometimes laughs, someone sacrifices for it. How many sacrifices people accept to get people to love. Again this love loses a lot of valuable things for which there is never the slightest regret.


10, In fact, our human mind is a very restless thing, it does not even know what it wants. Again, knowing everything, this mind steps on the wrong path ..........


11.Don't insult the sacred name of 'love' by thinking that love is just a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. The scope of love is as vast as the universe. As much self-satisfaction is found in the object called 'love', it is not possible to find it anywhere else. 

Deep Love Massage For Him

And you will get the full taste of this self-satisfaction only when you can unselfishly love the Creator of this universe and its creation.


12.You can never snatch someone else's love or force them to like others. Rather, all you can do is create yourself in such a way that everyone is fascinated by your usage and starts liking you.


13.No matter how much you think that you are doing or are doing something for others, in most cases those people will not understand it. So we should not expect anything from them; Otherwise, you will get sad.


14.You have to work hard for many years to gain loyalty, but in just one second, all faith can be lifted from you. So it is good to understand and listen.


15.You will always forget what you have gained in life, but remembering again and again what you have lost will hurt your mind. So always remember the good aspects of the past, don't hurt yourself by thinking about bad things.


16.There is no guarantee that you will see those you see in front of your eyes tomorrow morning. So if there is a conflict with someone, make the relationship beautiful before the last farewell. Forget what happened. Just love people selflessly. 

You will see that the people around you have started to love you without your knowledge.


17.Love is when someone breaks your heart and the most amazing thing is . you love him with every broken piece of that heart.


18.To end one's life for love by succumbing to emotions means to lose loved ones as well as loved ones for life, as well as to make the people you love criminal. The name of giving up oneself after falling in love is not life, the name of establishing oneself by fighting for it is life.


19.Love means relationships, the basis of trust in people. Many forms of love. Such as the love of brothers and sisters, the love of parents. There may be love for an animal in the family. For example, many people keep dogs, cats, fish in aquariums, teach birds to talk.



 All this is an expression of love. Some plant trees out of love, tending to trees. I don't know if people love trees.



Maybe there is. You go to one side and take care of it, you will find it is growing fast. Didn't find the other one.


So he’s not growing up. It is but tested. From this, it is understood that the tree also has feelings. Love is not limited to male-female love. Love is manifested in human relationships with people. People love a politician.



 You may never have seen him face to face. Still in love. Why? Out of respect! The expression of one's love is different.



Someone is soft. Very angry at someone. Someone sometimes falls into the category of arbitrariness. He exercises authority. If the concentration of love is high, it is love



3. Deep  Emotional//long love messages/ Heartfelt love messages for him/ boyfriend paragraphs

Deep Love Massage For Him

1. If you like a boy who is much better than me, then I will not show my anger towards you, I will hand you over to him with a smile on my face, coz I will do everything for the smile on your face. And I will love you from afar. I will pray for you, if you are happy I can be happy.

2. Every life is weak to a relationship. Where some stupid simplicity and some colorful mouth language makes life cry selflessly .. which no one sees.

3. But ..... dreams make people hope for something new.

4. Sometimes I want to call you Jaan ... !! I want to hug you and tell you why you hurt me ....! I want to put my head on your chest and cry ...!

 I love you so much if it hurts, then why do you show me false dreams ...? Why do I have to cry every night thinking of you ...! What was my crime? I really love you so much. Is this my crime ...?

5. Don't tell anyone what you think ------ There will come a time ------ He will hit you with your words ----------- ------ - Whose suffering you will never be able to bear ---------- !!

6. The world is a factory for making actors. Everyone here is an actor. Some are pucca actors and some are raw actors. Those raw actors are constantly suffering from the performance of their seasoned actors ........... ............ Is this the name of life ??????

7. If I had known before that one day your path will be cut, you will be a lot of loss for me, I would never have come in your life. I would never have loved you, I would never have involved myself in your life .. what would I do .. ?? When I make a mistake, I have to pay the price, I will leave your life in silence, you are fine with someone else__

8. There are some things that can't be told to anyone, there are some feelings that can't be expressed to anyone, there are many pains in life that can't be removed even after hundreds of attempts .

9. Walking alone on the road of life is not a difficult task. But it is very difficult to come back from there alone after going a long way holding someone's hand.

10. Falling flower petals> Some love makes life colorful .., Some love takes away all the love of life .. | Some dreams bring smiles to the lips ..., and some dreams bring tears to the eyes ... | The reality of dreams is far away ... !!! Some mistakes just make all the mistakes in life ..., and some mistakes ruin the way of life ... |

11. If you see me again on the road after many days ...... if you see eye to eye, you understand how I am ..... again after many days if you think wrong, once you understand the eyes, see how much I have changed. ... again after many days if the heart burns in unknown pain, you realize how much I still love you.

12. I lost you, but you know what weird after I lost you I ask myself, were you mine at all ?? You weren't mine, you were the red glow of twilight that was lost in an instant ... which was only for a short time. 

Deep Love Massage For Him

Sky who is shocked ... is lost again in an instant ... like your lost one from my life ... I have explained to you only once or a thousand times how much I love you, maybe you don't understand and you won't understand one day I love my silence today .. . !!

13. If you think big by crying someone then it will be a big mistake ..... because Bidhata did not create a cost for anyone .... there is a sentence called curse .... and you will cry one day for that cost curse.

14. Sometimes I feel my heart flutter with you so that you can understand how much I love you .. and I can understand how much you hate me .. !!

15. I can live without you, but I can't be happy! Don't worry, I'll bother you against your will. If you forget me and be happy, then that is my happiness, I can do everything for your happiness. I will always follow your path.

16. If you ever stumble at one end of life, I will hold your hand. Don't be afraid, I will not stand in front of you with any relationship demands, I will just be a shadow of your path all my life as a bad person. In fact, I have fallen in love with you so much that I want to be by your side like a shadow all the time.

17. I don't know if the cry was for you ... but I missed you very much ... even though you won't know one day. You don't even know how much I loved you. You were laughing at my tears.

 Again for someone else ... with someone else ... I want you to smile ... but your smile hurts me. Because I know that laughter is not for me ... so I'm leaving ... maybe I won't come back but you be fine.

Conclusion: Every person wants to happy but some lack you cannot get this. so deep love messages one way to get him to satisfy in your love life.

Deep Love Massage For Him

"Happy Love Life"

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